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Dr. Walker has a strong core belief that when the body is properly nourished and exercised, it will maintain its inherent ability to restore health and ward off disease. Chiropractic care supports an individuals body awareness, to move through space properly, while remaining pain free. Listening to his patients Dr. Walker, through his thoughtful awareness, allows patients to realign with their inherit sense of well-being to allow the healing process to begin. In his free time Dr. Walker enjoys the game of chess, reading, playing with his family and sharing delicious food with friends.

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"I am so grateful to have had treatment for my ankle and hip pain at Full Spectrum Chiropractic. After just one session, I've been able to get back to the activities I love the most -- hiking and cycling. Dr. Yost was thorough in his initial exam and guided me to greater awareness of the connections between my ankle and hip pain. He used a variety of techniques that helped me relax during the session and brought healing and relief in the following weeks."

Kathleen Byrd

Verified Customer

"Dr Yost saw me on very short notice, the same day I was in a car accident. He gave me the most thorough and comprehensive treatment I have ever had. He is kind, caring and an expert at whole body wellness. I am so glad I found Dr Yost and would highly recommend him!!"

Harry Heldreth

Verified Customer

"Dr. Yost is an exemplary Chiropractor. He has a natural gift to provide compassionate and holistic care. I highly recommend!"

Carly Rose Probasco

Verified Customer

"Dr. Yost is compassionate, personable, and a very skilled medical practitioner. I’ve recommended him to many friends. Definitely one of the most pleasant medical experiences ever."

Meg Rosenberg

Verified Customer

"I have been to a lot of chiropractors over the years. I am VERY impressed with Dr. Walker Yost and the care that he provides. He uses a variety of techniques to build up to the best possible outcome for the patient at that moment, making Full Spectrum an appropriate name for his practice. Dr. Yost helps affected tissues to relax prior to attempting adjustments. Then he precisely positions the patient's body for each manipulation, making specific, refined adjustments possible. Having worked with many chiropractors who do not have the skill required for performing such refined manipulations, I deeply appreciate Dr. Yost. If you are new to chiropractic care, or even if you are already working with another chiropractor, consider adding Dr. Yost to your health care team."

Sandra Lee LMT

Verified Customer

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Your 15-Minute Complimentary Hydrotherapy Table Massage Is Waiting For You
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